Woven Blinds

Eastern Style

Beautiful woven blinds that are made from natural wood and bamboo.

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East meets west when it comes to beautiful roll-up woven blinds that are made from natural wood and bamboo products, are eco-friendly, while offering functionality with fashionable appeal.  Woven blinds are the standard type used in the Far East.  With slats of bamboo or wood they are a perfect blend of versatility and texture, making them ideal for any décor environment. 

The blinds are woven with the slats acting as the weft in a warp of strong string. Woven blinds are timeless favourites.  Various slat widths and colours are available and each unit is ‘Taylor-made’ to your requirements.

Designed to roll up from the bottom, these woven blinds naturally softly diffuse light from outside to create a calming ambience.


  • Woven bamboo 

Standard Colour Palette Colour:

  • Dark Bamboo, Green Thread, Brown Bamboo, Cascade (white)


  • Min-Max blind width: 900mm – 2400mm
  • Min-Max blind height: 650mm – 3150mm


  • Available as loosely woven and transparent to a more tightly woven product that will restrict light and create privacy, as required.

Mechanism & Controls:

  • Cords, tapes, head and bottom rails are colour co-ordinated.  

Light Control:

  • Yes 85%

Privacy Control:

  • Yes – depends on tightly or loosely woven variability.


  • 2 years 


  • Child Safe cord will break if pulled too hard.