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Security Shutters | This innovative aluminium Security Shutters from Taylor called ShutterGuard is the ONLY type of its kind that serves both the purpose of shutters and offering a crime barrier solution.

These shutters is manufactured entirely from aluminium and stainless steel, with a durable white powder-coated finish in the local Cape Town factory, and is therefore impervious to rust, wind and weather. It can also be fitted inside or outside windows and sliding doors, and the louvres are fully adjustable to provide a clear view or to ensure privacy. The shutters are fully suitable for internal or external use!

The patented mechanism makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to break the louvres without the use of Security Shutterspower tools – in a test, the shutters withstood a determined attack with a 2,2-kg hammer! The security shutters comes with a specially developed, patented key lock mechanism, for greater security.

ShutterGuard can be installed in either a bi-folding, sliding or hinged configuration dependant on the needs of the customer and location of installation. Various colour options are available.

These are simply the best Aluminium security shutters available on the market. No other product comes close to Taylor’s quality and workmanship!

Each Shutterguard security shutter is made to order and installed by our expert factory certified installation team throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas, it is made to fit precisely and function perfectly. Get stylish protection from burglars with elegant, but tough, ShutterGuard Aluminium Security Shutters!

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