Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters | Our Aluminium Shutters known as Hurricane shutters are made from the  highest quality aluminium and stainless steel components at the local Taylor Cape Town factory.

Make a statement with these luxurious aluminium shutters.Create a whole new room inside or outside. Control the light that enters. The versatility of these shutters are simply amazing. It can be installed in a fixed position, hinged, bi-fold or as a sliding panel to divide rooms. These are perfect for the sea side as they are  impervious to rust, wind and weather.

Each panel is powder coated and various color options exists to suit any decor or style. The shutters comes standard with sliding locks to secure them into place. If you want even greater security please look at our security shutter range

All of our shutters are installed by factory certified professionals and  are custom made to fit and function perfectly.

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